Friday Finds: Pear Journal

December 11, 2009 at 10:00 am (Pear Shaped Fashion Finds) (, , , , , )

As a jewelry designer and writer, I find my inspiration everywhere. My sources include high end designer wares, vintage treasures, people watching, enjoying the great outdoors and scouring magazines. All the visions that fill my head have to end up in one, organized place or nothing will ever be accomplished and a notebook/journal is one of the apparatus I use.

What better place then to store my ideas regarding pear shaped fashion tips and jewelry sketches then the “Fruits of Your Labor” ($36) book from Three Sheep Studio shop on Etsy.

As a professional multi-tasker balancing in need of balancing all my creative endeavors, I have an arsenal of basic tools to keep me on track. Included are my PDA (I even walk around my house with it), colored pencils, tape and of course a notebook. When my current one featuring a retro, Mary Quant print is filled, I will need to move onwards, and this pear adorned spiral may be the thing to keep me on track.


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Friday Finds: Pear Tea Pot

December 4, 2009 at 10:15 am (Friday Finds, Just Because) (, , , )

The funny thing about the lyrics to the “tea pot” song is that many times pear shaped women truly identify with the simplicity of the ditty. “I’m a little tea pot, short and stout” has certainly been my mantra for many years and thanks to Romy and Clare’s Etsy Shop I’ve found another way to pay honor to my shape thanks to their Funky Teapot ($84):

The artists “… freehand draw, hand paint and sign each piece individually”  and using production techniques resulting in lush colors. This serving carafe not only functions as a tea server but as a centerpiece for holiday gatherings. When it comes time to a holiday gift exchange with your posse, making a lovely pot of green tea will warm the heart while buying some scones from your local Trader Joe’s will fill the hungry bellies.

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Friday Finds: From the desk of Pear Shapely

November 6, 2009 at 9:35 am (Friday Finds, Just Because) (, , , , , )

Self loathing is an ugly waste of time. Instead of beating yourself up for being born with a pear shaped figure, embracing your inner fruit is such a smarter move. Remember, those who are blessed with a pear shaped body actually have many health benefits over other shaped women. According to anthropologist Elizabeth Cashdan those who have a smaller upper torso in relation to their bottom half are:

Personally, even though I want to drape my curves to look my best, I am proud of what I have and plan on flaunting it until gravity decides otherwise. Paying homage to my curves can even trickle down to the personal correspondence I send and this writing set by Scatter Box Originals will subtly say from the “Desk of Pear Shapely”:

Pear Embossed Writing Set, $9: Scatter Box Originals

Life is too short to not fully embrace your figure. If you choose to purchase this writing set, make sure to send yourself a love note praising your curves and read it every day!

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Friday Finds: Pear and Vanilla Body Oil

October 23, 2009 at 7:59 am (Friday Finds) (, , , , , )

The sense of smell is the one most directly related to triggering off memories. Whether it is the aroma of fresh cut grass that sends you back to your childhood, a whiff of tequila that makes your stomach churn or a bouquet of Aqua Velva to remind you of your father, once you catch a sniff of the fumes, your mind goes wandering.

If you want your memory to stroll to happy times in your grandma’s kitchen or to your favorite Parisian cafe, then a fresh batch of hand crafted Pear and Vanilla Body Oil ($5.25) will send you there in seconds.

Pear Vanilla Body Oil

According to the Etsy boutique owner, “At Hendricks’ Hearth, you will find only the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients along with aromatic fragrances, delectable botanicals, and other wonderful essentials.” The scent is sure to smell delicious, while paying a subtle tribute to your Pear Shapely figure. Additionally studies have indicated that the vanilla component “have been claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities.” You got get ’em grrrrrrl!

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