Hula Hooping for Pear Shaped Women

October 22, 2009 at 8:41 am (Just Because, News, Pear Shaped Fitness Tips) (, , , , , , )

Hula Hoop Fail

One of the best features for Pear Shapely figures is our all around curves, thanks to our little waists. One of the best ways to define the feature and get an awesome workout is through hula-hooping. Using a hula-hoop provides an aerobic work-out that burns up to 200 calories per a twenty minute workout while challenging the core muscles, hips thighs and butt. There is no better workout that compliments our pear shaped body. The cost of the activity ranges from about $5 for a real hula hoop to hundreds of dollars in the Wii game system fitness package.

Hoops have been a popular form of exercise since times in ancient Greece. During the 14th century hooping became one of the favorite pastimes of Great Britian children. Hula-hooping gained popularity in the 1950’s and at that time, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. In 1958 Wham-O sold over 100 million devices in their first year of distribution and since that time there have been additional highs and lows for the trend.

Since Michelle Obama twisted her lovely pear shaped figure in yesterday’s White House event, the style icon is going to ensure that the activity will once again gain speed.

Michelle Obama Hula Hooping

Regardless of your political viewpoints, everyone can agree that Michelle Obama is in excellent physical shape and really knows how to work hear pear shaped figure. With a little practice and dedication most anyone can twist their hips to keep the momentum of a hoop going. Challenging yourself to learn the new skill of hula hooping will burn calories, help you tone up and maybe even help you channel your inner child.



  1. pixiehoops said,

    Hooping is blissful – for all shapes and sizes!!
    A perfect blend of fitness and fun… and for toning the middle there is nothing like it.
    Make sure you use a professional weighted hoop for real results!

    Pixie Hoops

  2. online classifieds said,

    Michelle Obama walks the talk.
    We sometimes wonder whether it is scientifically proven that hula-hooping can trim down our body. Hope to be enlightened by your articles.
    Good read. Nice photos.

    Thanks again.

    Dennis Joshua

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