Friday Finds: From the desk of Pear Shapely

November 6, 2009 at 9:35 am (Friday Finds, Just Because) (, , , , , )

Self loathing is an ugly waste of time. Instead of beating yourself up for being born with a pear shaped figure, embracing your inner fruit is such a smarter move. Remember, those who are blessed with a pear shaped body actually have many health benefits over other shaped women. According to anthropologist Elizabeth Cashdan those who have a smaller upper torso in relation to their bottom half are:

Personally, even though I want to drape my curves to look my best, I am proud of what I have and plan on flaunting it until gravity decides otherwise. Paying homage to my curves can even trickle down to the personal correspondence I send and this writing set by Scatter Box Originals will subtly say from the “Desk of Pear Shapely”:

Pear Embossed Writing Set, $9: Scatter Box Originals

Life is too short to not fully embrace your figure. If you choose to purchase this writing set, make sure to send yourself a love note praising your curves and read it every day!


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