Stripes for Pear Shaped Bodies

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By this time, we all know that dressing our pear shaped body is a labor of love and that sometimes good old-fashioned “smoke and mirror” techniques can help give us the added oomph that we crave.

Striped  tops accented by great jewelry are one of the tricks of the trade as the combination will give the illusion that our upper torso is broader then our bottom. Pairing a great sweater or shirt with a pair of dark denim jeans, black pants or even a solid pencil skirt are all some great ways to drape your Pear Shapely figure. Plus complimenting the stripes with the Coco Chanel Inspired Pearl Before Swine Necklace ($86) from Hurricane by Jane will make the look completely yours:

Pearl Before Swine Necklace: Hurricane by Jane L.L.C.

As always, has options and this Cashmere Striped Bubble Sweater ($123.99) will do the trick:

Autumn Cashmere Bubble Stripe Sweater:

The ribbed waistband, will allow the garment to sit right above your hips, accentuating your whittled middle, the bubble effect will add a slightly fuller silhouette to your slim top portion, the stripes will work their magic and the cashmere will add the necessary “yummy” factor.

Menswear is currently a huge trend and I always keep some staples in my wardrobe. With a Striped Cashmere Sweater Vest ($139) available on we can also balance our figures:

Splendid, French Stripe Cashmere Vest:

Depending on your mood you can just add a layering t or a white button down. Mix and match with all the aforementioned bottoms, and you will be good to go. The illusion is the same, it is just another twist on the look.

When trying something new,  breaking the $100 range may not  be a realistic goal. Never fear as the Gap always has affordable options. I’m totally digging this Striped Crew Neck Sweater ($44.50):

Striped Crew Neck Sweater: The Gap

Out of all the lined toppers out there, this shirt will provide the best optical illusion for balancing out your figure courtesy of all the white space around your shoulders and chest (our two most narrow points).

From bargain retailers like Forever 21 to designer discounter happy places like Loehmann’s stripes are plentiful, flattering and affordable. Feel free to share your favorite finds with me, as I love hearing about a good shopping score!


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Friday Finds: Taking Pear Shapes to the Next Level

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It’s my blog and frankly, I am gonna take my commitment to fashion finds for Pear Shapely women literally. In that vain, every curvy gal  who knows her way around the kitchen needs an apron to protect her clothing from the splatters that may occur. With a retro cut style in a vintage inspired fabric we can do so adorably, courtesy of AUNT JESSIE’S Vintage Inspired APPLES and PEARS Fashionista Full Apron from Bambino Amore’s shop on Etsy.

Vintage Inspired Apron: Bambino AmoreThe fruit print featuring pears pays a subtle homage to our “lady humps” while the cinched-waist construction with the halter top will provide the illusion of the perfect hourglass figure. Whether you are scrambling eggs, mixing the perfectly dry martini or making a batch of mac and cheese, this protective layer will help you channel your inner “Betty Draper” and make you  feel worthy of beauty queens status.

Like any good 50′ housewife, no cooking ensemble would be complete without the appropriate pearl jewelry to compliment the look. Since this is the new millennium, a little twist on the trend will keep you up to date and of course, Hurricane by Jane Jewelry has the required accouterment needed. Whether you want to keep the look simple with a pair of Dream Drop Earrings in either silver or gold:

Golden Dream Drop EarringsSilver Dream Drop Earrings

Or go a bit more elaborate with the Pearls Before swine Necklace and Earrings combo Hurricane by Jane Jewelry has got you covered.

Pearl Before Swine Necklace: Hurricane by Jane $86Pearl Before Swine Earrings: Hurricane by Jane $42

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