Friday Finds: Pear and Vanilla Body Oil

October 23, 2009 at 7:59 am (Friday Finds) (, , , , , )

The sense of smell is the one most directly related to triggering off memories. Whether it is the aroma of fresh cut grass that sends you back to your childhood, a whiff of tequila that makes your stomach churn or a bouquet of Aqua Velva to remind you of your father, once you catch a sniff of the fumes, your mind goes wandering.

If you want your memory to stroll to happy times in your grandma’s kitchen or to your favorite Parisian cafe, then a fresh batch of hand crafted Pear and Vanilla Body Oil ($5.25) will send you there in seconds.

Pear Vanilla Body Oil

According to the Etsy boutique owner, “At Hendricks’ Hearth, you will find only the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients along with aromatic fragrances, delectable botanicals, and other wonderful essentials.” The scent is sure to smell delicious, while paying a subtle tribute to your Pear Shapely figure. Additionally studies have indicated that the vanilla component “have been claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities.” You got get ’em grrrrrrl!


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