Macy’s Discount for Pear Shapely

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When it comes to holiday shopping, Macy’s has been a staple in the American way of life for 15 decades. The large retailer is using nostalgia to drum up business this season as their current “Macy’s 150 Years” commercial  is sentimental and sweet. Admittedly it tugs at my heart strings and reminds me of a simpler time when  my family would day trip to the city during the holiday season to eat oversized street pretzels while staring at the illustrious window displays. Yes, Macy’s has been a part of my life too.

I’m now willing to embrace the retailer even more as until December 7, you are invited to save 25% off of most of your purchases at the store courtesy of the recent “friends and family” promotion. One temptation I have is stocking up on my favorite Warner’s bra at a discount, but with so many options to choose from, those necessities may become my last purchase.

Instead, this savings is better used buying holiday gifts for others. If you are in the position to do some shopping for some other pear shaped ladies in your life, Macy’s certainly has the selection we can all benefit from. Top names in fashion are ripe for the picking and using the discount code to apply to lux fabrics like cashmere is an excellent decision. My top gift choices perfect for pear shaped figures of any age is a great Cashmere Ruffled Cardigan (sale $89.99) from the Charter Club:

The item comes in a variety of bold colors such as “Honey Glaze” and “Crystalline” and there are standard neutrals as well. Classic cardigans of this ilk are a curvy gals’ friend as the piece can be easily layered and paired with a number of existing pieces in the wardrobe and feels lovely against bare skin. With the discount (not including shipping or tax) the sweater becomes an affordable $67 and a perfect gift for your mom, sister or your very best friend in the world.

If that is too rich for your blood, Charter Club also makes adorable hats, scarfs and gloves providing the extravagance of cashmere in a more affordable price range. The starting prices for hats, gloves and scarves range from $27.99-$52.99:

Of course these items are one size fits all, so pear shaped figures, apple or any other fruity gal will be able to enjoy. The options for the pieces come in the full color of the rainbow an with the 25% discount (before shipping and tax) the pieces range from $21-$40.

Do you plan on using this discount for any other type of purchase? Please feel free to post your feedback and start a conversation with other fans of the Pear Shapely blog.


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Holiday Shopping on a Budget

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No matter how hard you try to ignore it, the Holiday Season is lurking right around the corner. Even those who don’t mark the day with religious observation find themselves caught in the web of the “true” meaning of Christmas, consumerism.

My Type of Santa!

For decades, we have all heard the term “Black Friday” in relation to the first shopping day after Thanksgiving. Despite the holiday ads flooding the telly immediately after the conclusion of Halloween, this day marks the official beginning of the traditional holiday season. It also marks the day that retailers start showing profit for the year thus going from red to black ink on their records.

Because of the long rippling effects of the recession, holiday shoppers are now poised to get more for their holiday shopping budgets. If you are planning to take part of the frenzy (for better or for worse) there are some strategies you can take to not only complete your shopping list, but save some cash in the process.

Holiday Shopping Tips from Pear Shapely:

  • Make Like Santa: That simply means make a list and check it twice. Unless you have already started stowing away holiday purchases, take this time to calculate a holiday spending budget as well as confirm who has been naughty or nice on your list.
  • Get the 4-1-1-: Money is tight for everyone and just because you have exchanged gifts with friends or family in the past, does not mean that you have to this year. Have honest conversations with your posse and see if you can partake in a homemade gift exchange, cap the limit of gift value or even skip the process all together.
  • Let your fingers do the walking: Everyone knows the value of the internet when it comes to comparison shopping. Checking out discount and money advice sites like, and can help you score savings (such as discounts and shipping codes) from your favorite shopping sites
  • Become a Groupie: If you have a Facebook page you need to know that your favorite retailers are on there. By becoming a “fan” you will be given V.I.P. treatment and promo discounts will be forthcoming. I’ve gotten great discount offers from my personal faves such Loehmann’s, Lucky Brand and LeSportsac and you can tweak your selections based on your tastes.
  • Support Hand Made: Aside from my collection of Hurricane by Jane Jewelry on Etsy, there are literally millions of gift options to choose from.  Your purchase will go to supporting a living, breathing individual, not just a corporation and is an excellent way of sharing the wealth this season.
  • Tempus Fugit: There is no time like the present to shop for presents. Regardless of their size, retailers are operating on leaner budgets this year meaning that they have less of a surplus in merchandise. Your best value and selection is right now, plus you will avoid much of the mayhem and chaos of the season.
  • Become a Pack Rat: Well, at least with your receipts. Did you know that if you purchase an item and then it goes on sale within fourteen days of purchase, chances are you can go and get the difference back from the store? Bringing your documentation and a sunny disposition are the best ways to ensure a price adjustment in your favor.

Regardless if your holiday budget is $50 or $5000 you can make every penny count!

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Pear Shapely Discount Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Ruffles Away!

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines as starting November 12 for a four day period the “Gap” mothership is having their annual Give and Get discount promotion featuring 30% off your entire order (either in store or on line). Not only will you save some cash on any items purchased at the Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory Stores and Old Navy, but the company will contribute 5% of your expenditures to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

With cooler temperatures upon us and the holiday season rearing its ugly (yet festive) head, this discount could not come at a better time. Whether you want to stock up on striped tops for your pear shaped figure , sailor pantsgreat affordable cardigans or find some new treasures perfect for adorning your goddess like curves, the bargains will be hard to resist.

Some new faves of mine include the must have styling detail of the season, ruffles. Many ladies may be intimidated from participating in this hot trend, but regardless of your age, size or shape as long as it is done correctly, you can rock the house. On the higher end of spending scale, Banana Republic has this adorable ruffled cardigan ($79.50):

Ruffled Cardigan $79.50: Banana Republic

Constructed of 100% merino wool, the sweater comes in a variety of neutrals such as Taupe, Carob Chip, Sugar Plum, Charcoal and Black. Not only will you be kept toasty warm, but you will also keep the attention on your upper torso.

Another ruffled option  include this cotton cashmere blend ruffle henley sweater from the Gap ($44.50):

Ruffle-Front Henley Sweater, $44.50: Gap

This sweater comes in full array of Roy G. Biv, the fabric is super soft, features subtle ruffles and would make an excellent layering piece.

Perhaps the other options are  “too rich for your blood” and your wallet, well thank goodness for Old Navy and this animal friendly ruffled Faux-leather hobo bag ($29.50):

Ruffled Faux Leather Hobo Bag, $29.50: Old Navy

The best thing about a great handbag and jewelry from Hurricane by Jane Jewelry is that one size fits all! Since the ruffles are the main focal point, I think some great earrings like the Moony Swingtown ($59) would compliment any of these pieces:

Moony Swingtown Earrings, $59: Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

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Lucky Brand Discount for Pear Shapely

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When it comes to the best jeans ever for my figure, I swear by Lucky Brand and the Sweet-n-Lows. I’ve previously mentioned that the Shelby Jeans ($99) are the next purchase  I will make from my shopping list. That day may be today as for one day only, November 3, Lucky is offering $35 dollars off of purchases of $100 or more.

Consider this an early holiday gift from Lucky founders Gene and Barry. If you are are in the market for a new pair of jeans, anything from the Sweet-N-Low line should do the trick. Since many of this cut of jean are under $100, another little something, something is required to get the discount.

As a big fan of animal prints, there would be no other choice but this thermal top ($49.50) for me.

Animal Print Thermal Top, $49.50: Lucky Brand

The fabric is a soft and gentle weave of 100% cotton, the pattern will bring the viewers eye upward, and the v-neck front is the most flattering cut for all body types.

Shopping Tip: Since this top is 100% cotton, make sure the item fits you as snugly as possible (allowing for comfort). Like all items made of cotton, the item will stretch from use, but will snap back into shape with a washing. Make sure to follow the manufacturers recommended care instructions for the longevity of your item.

I would pair these two items together, wear them with my most beaten up Frye boots, layer on top with a cropped cardigan sweater and top off with some of my jewelry. My choice for this is the handmade Princess Necklace ($79). Just so you know, I hand craft the sterling silver pendant which is the focal point of this piece:

Princess Necklace, $79: Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

The dangling elegance and simplicity of the All Mixed up Earrings ($42) will top off the look delightfully.

All Mixed Up Earrings, $42: Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

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Newport-News Discount for Pear Shapely

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Everyone makes mistakes and retailer Newport-News is no exception to the rule. Apparently they had some site issues yesterday due to the “launch of our New Holiday 2009 Collection.” Their error is providing shoppers with a 20% discount off of purchases today only, just by entering the discount code “560” during the checkout process.

Some great items that can certainly benefit a Pear Shapely gal included nearly anything from the Shape FX collection. All the garments under this “collection” are built to slim, shape and lift a slew of body parts. There are both undergarments and clothing items that follow the latest fashion trends while working with our figures. If you have been wanting to jump on the legging bandwagon, a boot leg fit with control will help you ease into the craze ($29-$32):

Shape fx® Control bootcut leggings: Newport-News

Not sure how to wear them? Oversized cardigans like the one I spotted the other day from the I ‘Heart’ Ronson line at J.C. Penney’s would be a perfect match.

If you are already sporting visions of “sugarplums dancing in your head,” then holiday dressing may be at the top of your mind. What better way to get your spirit on then with a little bling courtesy of this sequined tank now on sale for $35.

Sequin Tank $35, Newport-News

This top can be coupled with your favorite pair of jeans, a simple skirt or even the aforementioned leggings. With all the savings this tip has just provided you, make sure to top of your holiday look with the infamous Constellation Earrings ($57) from Hurricane by Jane Jewelry.

Constellation Earrings, $57: Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

Shopping Tip: When shopping on Newport-News I have found that it is very important to check the fabric description to avoid purchasing an item that looks inferior and double check the sizing information as their shipping fees are costly.

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Holiday Shopping with Hurricane by Jane

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Santa Clause may not be coming to town

Money is tight for everyone these days, including your local starving artist, Hurricane by Jane. With the gift giving season looming on the near horizon, it is up to you to make wise shopping choices for your loved one’s and I can make it way easier.

All Hurricane by Jane Jewelry is priced under $100, is handmade with love and can be easily customized for size. Whether you are a small business owner wanting to buy office gifts for your employees or looking to shop for a difficult friend or relative, I certainly have options.

One great piece is the Silver and Gold Multitasker ($75) that was previously selling at for $150.

Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Multitasker $75: Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

The piece measures 34″ long, is handcrafted by me from sterling silver and gold filled link chain, contains a lobster clasp and can be worn as a long necklace, double wrapped, bracelet or even an anklet. Plus the duo metals will allow you not to worry about whether the “she” in question is a gold or silver person, because this necklace features both.

If you are interested in talking shop with me, feel free to email me directly at Let me know what pieces interest you and the quantities, and I can certainly come up with a price point that is sure to make you smile.

Not sure how to approach me to strike a deal? By heeding my own advice from an article I wrote for entitled “Knowing How to Negotiate With Grace Can Help You Save Money”  I give you the inside track on how to haggle and get a great deal like a pro.

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