How To Enjoy a Cash Free Holiday

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Black Friday Shopping Chaos

For great tips on celebrating the holidays on a budget make sure to visit


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No Underwear + Mini Skirt=Asscapades

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Can someone please let me know when it became appropriate to walk around public sans underwear? Perhaps it is because I come from the tail end of the generation who was warned to always wear clean panties in case I was involved in an accident. Well, I guess this chick figured if she becomes in need of emergency care, no underwear will make it easier to administer:

As the kind and wise editors of the People of Walmart site have pointed out, at least she is in the proper aisle to purchase the necessary items to correct this fashion faux blah. Seriously, people need to think before they subject the rest of the world to their fashion indiscretions and subsequent Asscapades.

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Even More Asscapades thanks to People of Walmart

December 10, 2009 at 11:13 am (Just Because) (, )

Even men can get involved in the asscapades game and of course this guy was shot in a Walmart parking lot:

My only hope is that his “jingle bells” are fully supported courtesy of his thong and commend the model for complementing the look with a Loverboy-esque headband. Thank goodness there are those dedicated to shopping at that store and sharing their disturbing finds with us.

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Pear Shapely Discount: Converse One Star For Target

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Regardless of the shoe brands that have come into vogue, there are certain lines that will always have a place in my closet and on my feet. Steel toe Dr. Maartens (I still have the same pair from high school), Frye boots and Chuck Taylor Converse are part of the mix.

When I first discovered that Converse were doing a private label line for Target I was thrilled, knowing that my bargain sneakers have become even more affordable. Well now, they are super duper affordable as Target is taking an additional 20% off the entire Converse One Star shoe line. If you are looking a a pair of comfy shoes for sporting during weekend errands, long walks on the beach or even for just lounging around the house, these are it.

The shoes are nearly identical in construction with the big differences being the color selection and the predominant star featured on the shoe. But if you want to kick it old school on a budget, then at less then $30 a pair, it is worth the trial and error to see if they will work for you.

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Fashion Find: It’s Raining Boots, Hallelujah!

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Psst, I’m gonna tell you a little secret. L.A. has a rainy season, and it is happening right now. Although the downfall is not nearly as romantic as an East Coast summer thunderstorm, the rain is needed, appreciate and with a charm of it’s own. The cascading water also provides me with a great opportunity to bust out some of my old gear and mix it up with a new purchase I have been longing for thanks to däv.

When colorful rain boots became a popular trend several years ago, I was all over it. The inclement weather of  my New York City environment, made fashionable and practical all weather shoes a must  for surviving and thriving throughout the seasons. However, when I moved to CA, I got rid of my collection of weather proof footwear hoping that one day I would find better suitable options. Here are some of my favorite from däv, the California based company that is an offshoot of Style West.

One of the staples in my Pear Shapely wardrobe are Chuck Taylor All Stars. They are comfy, perfect for walking and can easily be worn with jeans or casual dresses. However, they are not waterproof and will not keep my feet warm and toasty when it downpours. The next best thing are these beauties for $60:

Just like the model, I would wear these with a pair of cuffed up jeans and consider puddle jumping a worthy pastime. But wait there is more. Maybe you have a meeting where more professional attire is required. How about a rain pump for only $60?

Seriously, that is a spectator style rain shoe that will not only serve an important purpose, but will make shapely calves pop thanks to the heel.  But if you want to kick it old school, they have the most adorable selection of English Styled, Sport and even Cowboy rain boots. Seriously, regardless of your rain shoe needs, this is the company for you. Right now until December 15, purchasing any three items from the entire däv collection of rain gear, hand bags and socks, will entitle you to free shipping, gift wrapping and a free pair of socks. Just enter the word “HOLIDAY” when prompted and happy shopping!

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Friday Finds: Pear Tea Pot

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The funny thing about the lyrics to the “tea pot” song is that many times pear shaped women truly identify with the simplicity of the ditty. “I’m a little tea pot, short and stout” has certainly been my mantra for many years and thanks to Romy and Clare’s Etsy Shop I’ve found another way to pay honor to my shape thanks to their Funky Teapot ($84):

The artists “… freehand draw, hand paint and sign each piece individually”  and using production techniques resulting in lush colors. This serving carafe not only functions as a tea server but as a centerpiece for holiday gatherings. When it comes time to a holiday gift exchange with your posse, making a lovely pot of green tea will warm the heart while buying some scones from your local Trader Joe’s will fill the hungry bellies.

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Holiday Season 2009: Let the Games Begin!

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Hello Pear Shapely readers! I hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving filled with good times, food and much merriment. My holiday was fantastic until I developed a serious tooth problem which will be addressed professionally today. Until my 3pm appointment I am just trying to muffle the pain by remaining as comfortable as possible, floating on a cloud of prescription medication and looking at happy pictures of unicorns:

So knowing I am not 100% with it, today is a perfect time for me to provide a small rant about the 2009 Holiday season. Today’s topic of choice, holiday shopping.

If you are reading this posting, you have luckily survived “Black Friday.” Personally, I consider the bedlam of that shopping day for “amateurs” and should be avoided at all costs. If you are a smart consumer, you can get great discounts any time of year, no chaos required. This year the media fueled the frenzy for bargain shopping by providing “helpful tips” on how to best take advantage of the deals. One such tip was to act quickly as supplies were limited which did nothing but trigger the panic button in the masses. It was that kind of advice that led to a slew of retailer mishaps across the nation. Consumerist compiled a list of some of the messier events called “Black Friday Shopping Mayhem” which are  brief encapsulation of various shopping stampedes across the nation.

Today is known as the now infamous “Cyber Monday.” Luckily this ridiculousness can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home computer and couch. The great thing about this most holy of shopping days is that at least consumers have the luxury of comparative shopping with relative ease. However, with this fine shopping scenario, you need some tips on how to How to Shop Online Safely and Wisebread can help you with that.

But dear friends, you do not need to get sucked into this abyss at all, seriously. For those who say it is for “the children” it really is not. It is about your need to take part in the annual tradition of consumerism and bolstering the economy. Unless you are shopping for the spawn of the devil, kids are sweet and innocent and will truly appreciate a cute stuffed animal, a fun board game or most importantly, your time.

I’m just trying to talk you down the ledge of Holiday stress, that we all teetered on at one time or another. I recently wrote an article for which provide realistic and simple tips for How to Save on Your Holiday Shopping. Plus this sage advice will help you minimize holiday stress.

Okay, the magic unicorns are now beginning to kick in the side of my face again so I must go rest and keep still until I visit the dentist. Have a great day.


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Pear Shapely Fashion Catastrophe: More Asscapades

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Writing this blog has become a near daily experience for me and I have a ritualistic approach to generate my topics. With green tea in hand, I peruse my favorite websites in order to find inspiration for my postings. Time and time again has become my safety net because of the absurdity they collect and today we have another Asscapades extravaganza:

What was this poor creature thinking when she left her house, ‘I paid $55 for the full Brazilian so I want to get my money’s worth?’ Seriously, I would gladly pay her back twofold to put her business under lock and key.

My dear pear shaped ladies, today’s fashion tip  you need to always remember is that barring topless beaches in Europe, public nudity is not a viable option. Generally, if you are gorgeous and have a rocking body you will just come off as cheap. If your thighs have more ripples then the ocean then frankly, all the land-lubbers will get a little sea sick. Please be kind, and cover that behind!

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Pear Shapely Tips: How to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

November 23, 2009 at 11:21 am (Just Because) (, , )

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday as a luxurious day of eating, drinking and general over indulgence is the way I truly like to roll. Since my family’s celebration starts at 2pm and continues throughout the evening, moderation is the key to longevity.

Sure, I plan on stuffing my face but my goal is to avoid feeling sick from enjoying too much of a good thing. Plus, I don’t want to eat so much that I begin the journey towards holiday weight gain and adding any more pounds to my already shapely rump. By minding the balance of food, fun and moderation and by following these tips I will keep my pear figure shapely.

  • Know when dinner is served- Some people can go all day without eating, I am not one of those people. My feast is beginning at four, which allows me to plan ahead and balance my intake during the rest of the day.
  • Eat Breakfast and Lunch- I’m not talking about putting on the feedbag, but eating two small balanced meals featuring protein and fiber. Think 1 fried egg and a piece of whole wheat toast in the morning and a portion controlled low calorie frozen meal for lunch. This move will not only keep the calories in check but will help you control your grazing if upon your arrival the meal is still hours away
  • Avoid Turkey-I know it is blasphemous to even suggest this as for most people as the bird is the guest of honor. But everyone knows that turkeys contain tryptophan, which will make you feel sleepy, sluggish and even overly full after the fact. If you have to go for the bird, select only white meat and skip the skin to make the healthiest food choice.
  • Walk it Off- Before a day of feasting, take a walk outside for at least 30 minutes. The movement will help boost your metabolism for the day and provide you with a much needed edge.
  • Drink Water- Instead of wasting calories on sugary soft drinks or highly caloric alcoholic beverages, make water your number one drink choice for the day. You will not only stave off hunger but will ensure your body is properly hydrated.
  • Choose a Lane-I’ve heard many stories about blurry Thanksgiving memories caused by an overindulgence in booze. When too much alcohol is consumed, logic goes out the window and overeating (and blackouts) can be a side effect. My advice, choose one low calorie beverage such as prosecco, clear liquors with a low calorie mixer, light beer or wine and know your limit. By choosing only one type of alcoholic beverage to enjoy and drinking tons of water, you will be able to imbibe gracefully.
  • Skip Seconds- Make sure your only serving is loaded with green vegetables, lean proteins and high fiber foods and make sure to keep your side dishes portions in check. Then enjoy every tasty morsel of your meal and stop there. Don’t forget, chances are you will get another crack at the meal in the form of leftovers. Plus there will be pie or some other amazing delicacy for dessert and calories will be required for that indulgence.
  • Wear a Waistband- Flowing dresses and stretch leggings are sure to look darling, but ultra comfortable clothing may allow you to stuff in more food then intended. With a waistband lying on your abdomen, you will be reminded to stay in check.
  • Enjoy- So what if you decide to ignore all this advice and do what your want. Just make sure Thanksgiving is only one day of overeating and healthier choices follow throughout the holiday season.

Are there any tips you have learned about keeping your holiday dining habits in check? If so, please feel free to share your comments on how you plan on keeping your pear shaped figure in tip-top form the 2009 holiday season.

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Friday Finds: Decadent Chocolate Paired with Pears

November 20, 2009 at 9:45 am (Friday Finds, Just Because) (, , , , , , , )

Yeah, it is Friday! Oh, did you week not go as well as you hoped? Are you feeling glum and run down? Well Dr. Pear Shapely has a prescription for you in the form of a delectable handmade treat from her pal Chef Stef. Balsamic Truffles layered with the flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla and balsamic vinegar ($8.95-$16.95) are a tasty tidbit worthy of a queen:

Chef Stef is an amazingly talented, award winning chocolatier who fine-tuned her skills at the The Epicurean School of Culinary Arts, Los Angeles. Luckily for chocolate lovers, she now produces an artistry that needs to be consumed to be fully enjoyed. Yes, her work is as pretty as a picture, but only by  popping one in your mouth and letting the truffle melt and trickle onto your taste buds, will you get the full benefit of this goody.

Even the most healthy of pear shaped figures should enjoy a piece of chocolate every now and then. For me, the darker the better, as the rich taste is fully enhanced by the health benefits of the candy.  Not only does dark chocolate lower high blood pressure, but the true nectar of the gods is rich with antioxidants. Finally the sweets also contain tryptophan the “feel good” amino acid responsible for releasing the “mood-modulating neurotransmitter serotonin.”

You can intensify the pleasure factor of this confectionary delight by pairing it with a glass of bubbles courtesy of a processco, champagne or sparkling wine . The additional layer of fresh Royal Rivera pears from the kings of “food porn,” Harry & David:

There is no need to over indulge in this winning combination of flavors for the palette, but it will be challenging to stop at only one serving. Don’t believe me? Get some Chef Stefs Candy, crack the effervescent goodness of your liking and slice up a pear to experience first hand how to kick off your weekend in style.

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