Bloomingdale’s Discount for Pear Shapely

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New York natives and their neighboring counterparts all fondly remember their love affair with Bloomingdale’s in the 70s. The store’s history dates back to the 1800s, but during the 70s the store was a major destination for stars, fashion icons and wanna-bes from Long Island. When the disco generation was large and in charge  “Bloomies” (59th street and Lexington) was “the” place to get the look and was a necessary shopping haven for those longing to access Studio 54.

Since then, the retailer has established itself as a one stop shopping Mecca, and with coupon code “BFRIEND” you will receive a 20% discount off of qualified purchases(runs through 11/15). For extra savings, this code can be combined with markdowns and sales already in existence throughout the store and on the website.

Far be it from me to pass on the opportunity to browse a sale and pick out fabulous finds for my pear shaped bodied brethren. The store has so much to choose from including L.A.M.B., Lucky Brand, ABS by Allen Schwartz, Spanx and Alice and Olivia.Bloomingdale’ designer offerings are mind boggling to say the least and you should take the time to peruse your favorites.

Knowing that one could get 20% off and a bonus offer of a $100 gift credit for $500 spent, I would take this moment and a large hunk of my cash to get one of the great coats from Mackage. The Canadian based  design house is gifted in the art of creating stylish overcoats, perfect for cold fronts. My choice for keeping warm and showing off my rocking curves is the elegant Mackage Funnel Neck Coat with Corset Belt ($690.00).

Mackage Funnel Neck Coat with Corset Belt, $690: Bloomingdale's

No doubt, the belt is the star of the show! The coat itself is composed of a blend of wool, polyamide and cashmere. Boh the  corset belt and funnel neck serve utilitarian duty as they will minimize drafts in sensitive areas. The silhouette of this covering is reminiscent of a 1950’s party dress, the best cut for Pear Shapely as it will show off your slender top and easily accommodate your swinging hips. Finally, black is always slimming and will provide you with the most versatility in your wardrobe. Admittedly the coat is pricey, but when it comes to winter wear, the expenses is well justified.


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Best Cardigans for Pear Shaped Gals

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Cardigan sweaters rock! For years I have sworn by these must have layering pieces because of the versatility and ease of wear. This year the fashion industry has finally caught up with my taste and have been promoting these garments as the addition to purchase for your fall wardrobe.

Pear Shapely lasses looking to add some selections to their wardrobes will feel like a kid in a candy store! From preppy argyle finds of 100% cotton from Old Navy ($29.50):

Argyle Cardigan: Old Navy

To luxurious cashmere styles available on ($295):

Cashmere Duster Cardigan:

You can have it all. Regardless of how much you want to spend and the style you are interested Pear Shaped women need to think and ask themselves some questions before purchasing to ensure that they buy the right item for their needs. Questions to ponder:

  • Fabric choices: Acrylic sweaters tend to add unnecessary bulk without providing any warmth, so make sure there is something of the earth like cotton, cashmere or wool involved in your purchase
  • Allergies: Angora is a fur component from little bunnies. If you are allergic to cats and dogs make sure that this component is not in the sweater you are eyeing as you may react poorly to it in the long run
  • Fit: Like with any garment for pear shaped lasses, showing off your little middle will flatter your shape most. Cropped cardigans, longer sweaters with ribbed neck trim that will lock the sweater above your waist or duster duds that have a belt feature will keep you warm, cozy and stylish.
  • Length: Make sure the sweater you are eyeing does not fall mid thigh as it will highlight the bulkiest portion of your body. If you must get a sweater that hits that region, make sure that the item is not boxy and that there is either a built in belt or you can belt it to show off your curves

Whatever you choose, make sure the fit is right, that you can immediately picture wearing the item a number of ways and that you do not go into debt purchasing the said garb. Then with that extra cash, feel free to shop at Hurricane by Jane Jewelry and treat yourself to a little something, something like the stylish and affordable Swingtown Earrings ($32) and Necklace ($37)!

Swingtown Earrings $32- Hurricane by Jane

Swingtown Necklace $37- Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

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Basics for a Pear Shapely Wardrobe

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Every one has a fantasy wardrobe composed of a myriad of items that only occasionally get to see the light of day or catch a glimmer of moonlight. But when it comes down it, chances are that we wear or favorite pieces time and time again and that makes up the core of our wardrobes.

To get the most out of their figures and wardrobes, Pear Shapely gals need to have four basic elements on which the rest of their outfits are hinged. It doesn’t matter what color or price point you choose to build the underpinnings of your day-to-day wear as long as the garments fit beautifully and are constructed well.

The four key basic elements for a Pear Shapely wardrobe include:

Bootleg Bottoms: My two favorites are the Editors Pants with cotton from Express and the Shelby Jeans from Lucky Brand Dungarees. Ultimately the cut of the pants will balance out your hips because of the leg widens below the knee and the bottom will have a slight flair

Horizontal Neckline Tops: There are thousands of patterns and styles to choose from but the key is if you are wearing a flared pant, your top should be a bit more fitted or structured to ultimately highlight your whittled middle. One great example is the Windsor Scoop Neck Top on Anthropology ($98):

Windsor Scoop Neck Top: Anthropology

The neckline will balance out the top, the puckered gatherings in the middle will show off your curves and highlight your smaller waist and the fabric on the length of the top will flatter your hips. Either put a layering t underneath or a cropped cardigan on top and your curves will rock!

Structured Blazer: As long as the piece is not boxy, hits the hipbones and draws the attention of the viewing eye upwards, you will be in excellent shape. If you are only going to buy one blazer this year and do not have a basic black one in your wardrobe then this one from Priorities priced at under $58 will fill the void:

Priorities Black Cotton Blazer: Bluefly

A-line, circle or flared skirts: No Pear Shapely Wardrobe would be complete without this essential item. The frock needs to fit well on top and open up on the bottom to make the most of your shape. Anthropologie has their online skirt section set up by cut so you can pick out your favorite but the one that caught my eye was this beauty in a retro inspired print by Leifsdottir’s:


Of course the work of Hurricane by Jane will go with any and all of the fashions listed above, so why not go and check out for yourself!

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Fall Jackets for Pear Shaped Gals

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Nearly everyone uses their wardrobe as their main means of expressing themselves. Whether someone drapes themselves in designer labels, vintage garb, indie fashion or the infamous khaki pant and blue top ensemble, what you choose to wear is your greatest form of expression.

The key to individual style is being 100% true to yourself, setting your own trends and dressing for you body shape including the lovely Pear Shapely. By using that basic philosophy and not being beholden to one store, designer line or even era you will surely come up with your own unique style.

One of the greatest contributors to this cause is “indie fashion” just like Hurricane by Jane Jewelry. All my pieces are handmade by me, in small batches in fine materials like sterling silver, freshwater pearls and other goodies. One website dedicated to the movement is Mod Cloth and they have tons of excellent fall offerings for curvy gals.

As the temperatures continue to drop, finding great and flattering outwear is a necessity. Pear shapely women need to stay away from such trends as swing coats, boxy shapes or cropped jackets that have no structured shape at the bottom. However, the world of Mod Cloth is filled with a full array of structured coats perfect for pear shaped women that will keep you cozy.

The Madison Jacket ($107.99) is one such delicacy:

Madison Jacket: Tulle

Herringbone never goes out of style and with the belted waist and amble coverage for our bottoms, Pear Shapely ladies can easily (and affordably) participate in the trend. The Mobile Earrings would pick up the subtle detail of the gold belt closure on the jacket:

Mobile Earrings: Hurricane by Jane

Perhaps you are itching to get a great plaid piece into your Pear Shapely wardrobe, then Union of Plaid jacket  ($139.99) would do the trick nicely:

Union of Plaid: Mod Cloth

Cinched waist, check! Long and loose enough to provide ample hip coverage, check! Epaulets detail to draw the eye of the viewer to your top and balance out the overall figure effect, major check-a-rooni! Paired with the  earrings in silver and gold, you will master the look!

Rain Earrings: Hurricane by Jane

Seriously, Mod Cloth had dozens of styles perfect for fantastic Autumn layering and many of the offerings are well under $200. If you are in the market for a layering piece, do yourself a favor and check this site out for yourself.

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Hot Top for Pear Shaped Figures

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Regardless of the designer label, only natural fibers shall ever grace my body. For me, cotton, silk and fine cashmere are the key elements on which my entire wardrobe are built as frankly, my skin gets irritated by everything else. That is why I have been a fan of LA Designer Hale Bob for years. The line features fantastic prints that are reminiscent of Pucci and many of tops and dresses are constructed of  a silk  base.

Pear shaped women can certainly benefit from having a few Hale Bob tops in their wardrobes as many of them feature v-neck and cinch detail that will highlight a small ribcage while covering our hips. The key to making this work look for Pear Shapely ladies is pair a flowing top with skinny jeans, that will provide the most balance to the equation.

If you are interested in channelling your inner Bohemian love child, then there are literally hundreds of tops to choose from. However the cut and color combinations of the stretch silk Multi Bohemian Chic V-Neck Top would look amazing with a pair of dark, skinny jeans.

Mulit Bohemian Chic V-Neck Top

The top is currently on sale for $150 making it a bit more appealing then other offerings on the site and by adding a simple long sleeve black layering t-shirt underneath, the item can be worn through the fall.

Shopping Tip-Those ladies lucky enough to live in LA should stop by Loehmans as they are a major seller of Hale Bob overstock. Tuesday and Thursdays are when new arrivals are put on the floor at both the Burbank and Los Angeles locations and I have several tops that originally retailed at over $200 in the $50-$60 range.

Since the main focus of this look would be on the wildly patterned top, simple jewelry would at the finishing touches. My recommendation would be the Waterfall Necklace ($53) in sterling silver by Hurricane by Jane Jewelry.

Waterfall Necklace: Hurricane by Jane

The necklace is light and airy and the fine change dangles will certainly compliment the plunging V-neck and the skin that you choose to show.

The finely crafted Crystal Ship Earrings ($41) in Sterling silver would further add to the look.

Crystal Ship Earrings Silver: Hurricane by Jane

To add the final bit of bling and fully integrate all the pieces the Crystal Persuasion Bracelet ($49) in sterling silver will seal the deal.

Crystal Persuasion Bracelet in Silver: Hurricane by Jane

Of course if you are interested in purchasing all three pieces together, contact me directly through my ETSY boutique and I’ll work out a deal just for you.

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Today Show “Dos & Don’ts” Style Tips

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As soon as the season changes, Pear Shapely women may need a quick reminder on how to best adorn their curves. Thanks to the Today Show segment that aired on 10/1 “Triangle” ladies (AKA Pear Shapely) get their simple reminder. The ultimate lesson learned is to balance out your figure, but we knew that already!

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And the Emmy Goes to…The Boogie Nights Necklace and Constellation Earrings

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There is nothing like having friends in high places and my friend Carmen is one of the best! When she walked the red carpet as an independent news correspondent at the 2009 Emmy’s she declared that only Hurricane by Jane Jewelry would complete the look and make her feel like the superstar she is destined to be.

Carmen Practicing For Her Big Win

Even those who are blessed with equally proportioned curves are still fans of Hurricane by Jane Jewelry. You can easily recreate the magic of Carmen’s look as the dress is the BCBG MAX AZRIA Laser Cut Satin Gown and currently available at Nordstrom, the Boogie Nights Necklace and the Constellation Earrings are from the Hurricane by Jane Jewelry Holiday Collection.

Carmen and Jeff Probst

Here is Carmen looking dazzling with reality star host, Jeff Probst and proving that  even though all that glitters may not be gold, you can still feel incredibly rich with the jewelry styling of Hurricane by Jane Jewelry.

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Hot Rockabilly Style

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Let’s face it some dresses and skirts are just not flattering for pear shaped women. After a point, baby-doll dresses make you look like a deranged Betty Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”, ruffled skirts just add more layers to the already amply stocked zone and bubble skirts are just a cruel invention for those striving to make the most out of their figures.

However, hinged directly into the curvy style icon’s of yester-year is Rockabilly fashion. Originally designed when women were women and men sported “duck-asses” the trend is easily doable with this lovely frock from ETSY designer Jack’s Daughters Shop.

Pear Shapely Rockabilly Style

Officially called the 1950s ROCKABILLY WIGGLE Dress. 60s Retro BLACK and WHITE with 50s styling. Sure it is fitted, but the color contrast of the white on top with the slimming black on bottom will provide the perfect optical illusion for slimming the hips and balancing your curves.

A simple flower clip holding back your hair on one side such as this one from XOXO Design’s Shop would do quite nicely:

White Silk Flower Hair Clip: XOXO Design's Shop

The dress accented by the flower makes a bold and fun statement, so the rest of the accessories should be minimal but should of course include the best selling piece from my collection the Hurricane by Jane Silver Triple Strand (also available in Gold Filled) would be the icing on this delicious fashion cake:

Silver Triple Strand Necklace

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Perfect Holiday Ensemble

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Little Black Dress: Audrey and Grace

Pear shape women like myself are always struggling to find the Little Black Dress or “LBJ” of their dreams. As a curvy gal, I’ve often struggled to find a perfectly cut frock for my figure. Well check out a winner courtesy of Etsy Designer Audrey and Grace.

$200 will get you a custom structured piece highlighting your best “assets” while the a-line skirt will accommodate the rest. Accessorizing with some pieces from Hurricane By Jane Jewelry would complete the look.

My recommendations to put a contemporary spin on a classic dress are the sterling silver, gold filled and Swarovski Fireball Enhanced Constellation Earrings :

Constellation Earrings- Hurricane By jane

($57) combined with the Boogie Nights Sterling and Fireball Embellished Necklace ($99 ):


They are the dynamic duo of styling accessories, especially designed for the Holiday Season! If you are interested customer wanting to buy the complete set including both “pieces” at the same time I will take 10% off of the total sales price and add free shipping (continental U.S.) for the total cost of $140, no additionally fees apply. Just shoot me an email directly at and we can take care of your order via PayPal.

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