Discount for Pear Shapely

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If you are at all like me, you have been waiting ever so patiently for retailers to start discounting to help make their final numbers for 2009. That time is now and fully immersing yourself into the world of discount shopping will help you reap the rewards of fashion finds, perfect for holiday dressing. is taking an additional 15% off of every item currently on the site and offering free shipping as well.

As usual, the options for great clothing is nearly limitless, but of course my focus is finding options that will compliment pear shaped body types. My first choice is this beautiful graphic silk dress from Hale Bob (today’s price is $165.75).

By pairing this sheath with solid black tights and black boots, pear shaped gals will help contribute to the optical illusion of an elongated figure, slimmer legs and a larger upper torso thanks to the bold patter. The best feature of this dress is the “obi wrap belt along empire waist with leather center” right beneath a plunging v-neck. The belt feature will highlight the narrow waist typically associated with our luscious body shapes while the empty space left by the neckline should be filled with a great piece of Hurricane by Jane Jewelry such as the asymmetrically constructed Lucky Charms Necklace ($94):

Simple earrings and maybe a bold, black, acrylic bangle-bracelet would be the final pieces needed for fully styling this look.

Although this Nanette Lepore blazer would also work with the look , this is great National Velvet jacket ($157.25) is a great centerpiece for any outfit including jeans and pencil skirts:

Velvet is always the lux fabric for the colder months, and since winter has only just begun, you will have plenty of time to get some wear out of this wrapper.

Of course the site has every type of fashion item conceivable and I have only selected 2 great options from a list of thousands. This sale is a limited time offer that is not being heavily promoted on the web. So don’t waste any time thanking me when there are divine and fashionable bargains to be had.


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Pear Shapely Discount for Ann Taylor

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When it comes to shopping and friendships, I do not discriminate. Any person or store stands a chance as ultimately, the source will open my world in ways I have never previously imagined. Ann Taylor is now worthy of my loyalty as how can I resist a 30% discount off an entire purchase. You can benefit from this too by entering the code “WINTER” until December 13. Then you can stock up on some great items not only for yourself, but for sharing the joy this season.

This offerings include tons of contemporary styled ruffled sweaters and tops that perfectly capitalize on the season’s must have design point. My choice is this supple-soft cashmere sweater with small, jeweled button details ($170):

The colors available range from pastels such as “shoreline” and to the neutral end of the spectrum featuring winter white, heather gray and black. This item would make an excellent layering piece that can be worn throughout the entire season and a bold bracelet such as the Heavy Metal from Hurricane by Jane L.L.C. would be the icing on the cake. The entire combination would draw the eye upward to visually accentuate our slim, Pear Shapely torsos.

Perhaps you finally got an invite to the must-have holiday event of the season and need the perfect little black dress to wear. Then this gorgeous silk taffeta ($215) will do wonders:

This online exclusive is the perfect “LBD” for pear shaped women for a plethora of reasons:

  • Black: Say no more!
  • V-Neck: Perfect for showing off decolletage and drawing the eye up
  • Skirt: Fuller to accommodate our swaying hips

If you are chilly, just throw on the previously mentioned cashmere sweater or a wrap you may have floating around and pair it with some exquisite jewelry from Hurricane by Jane.  The pieces featuring iridescent moonstones will look just divine. Whether you want to keep it simple and just adorn a great pair of earrings like the Moony Dusters ($45):

Or want to also drape your neck with the coordinating Ring of Fire necklace ($57), I’ve got you covered.

Combined, the entire look is simple, elegant and timeless, but all the pieces are strong enough to stand on their own well into 2010. Don’t forget, Hurricane by Jane is offering free standard shipping for the holiday season, so get your order in now to take advantage of the beautiful handcrafted jewelry and the savings.

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Nordstrom Discounts for Pear Shapely

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Since it’s humble beginnings as a local shoe store in Seattle Washington, Nordstrom has evolved into a national shopping Mecca! The retailer carries labels such as Diane von Furstenberg, Tracy Reese, BCBG, D&G and Max & Cleo and until November 15 you can stock up on your favorites as their Half-Yearly sale is in full effect. You can choose to either shop in person or shop online at

My thinking is that the holiday season is right around the corner and surely there will be a cocktail party or two that justifies the purchase of a new dress to drape your girly curves. There are plenty of options for pear shaped figures to choose from, but for the money these are my favorites:

Adrianna Papell Gathered Cutaway Halter Dress, $98.90, Nordstrom

The Adrianna Papell Gathered Cutaway Halter Dress ($98.90) is simply gorgeous and will be easy to wear. The port color is divine and flattering to most skin tones, the A-line skirt will accommodate fuller swaying hips while the gathered neckline, halter top will tighten accordingly while accentuating our toned upper torsos.

If you are a size 10 or 12 (the only sizes currently available), don’t bat an eye or you will miss out on this great strapless cocktail dress from Shoshanna ($212):

Shoshanna Strapless Sweetheart Dress, $212: Nordstrom

Shoshanna is known for constructing tops to accommodate the “girls” and hold them in place effortlessly. Chocolate is a flattering neutral, silk and cotton taffeta is a rich fabric and the sweetheart bodice and a short A-line skirt is a classic style that will last for years to come.

Perhaps you want to wrap yourself up like a holiday gift? Then the bow detail on this Ane Klein Dress will fulfill your desire:

Anne Klein Dress, $126.90; Nordstrom

The dress comes in both navy/midnight or ruby. The cut is classic with a surplice neck, cinched waist and a full skirt, just perfect for pear shaped figures to luxuriously adorn themselves.

If you want to take advantage of this sale and get a bargain on your holiday ensemble here are some shopping tips to take advantage of the sale:

  • Keep it simple-Bejeweled, adorned or patterned dresses may be the trend, but their longevity is short lived as “hot” items become cool very quickly
  • Go for quality fabrics- Regardless of the designer label, silk and cotton are much better fabric choices the poly/spandex
  • Solid Colors- With a high quality, solid color garment you can wear your dress to a number of events and change the look with great accessories
  • Accessories- the right handbag, shoes, wraps and jewelry will complete your look and of course this is my plug for Hurricane by Jane Jewelry.

The best pieces I have for holiday dressing are the Boogie Night Necklace and Constellation Earrings.

Constellation Earrings, $57: Hurricane by Jane Jewerly

Boogie Nights Necklace $99, Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

Happy shopping!

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Pear Shaped Figures

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It is too easy to become part of the problem not the solution, and I recently fell into that trap when I gave advice of Halloween Costume “Don’ts” for Pear Shapely Women. Although I still believe I put together an excellent list of costumes to avoid, since the big day is less then a week away, I thought I should now offer some costume ideas for curvy gals that are all affordable. Here we go:

Belly Dancer Costume $29.99

  1. Belly Dancer or Harem Costume: These ensembles tend to have flowing bottoms and mid-drift cut outs that will hide your hips and show off your best feature, your awesome tummy. You can easily make your own by donning a long skirt, cropped gypsy top and tying a scarf around your hips or buy a pre-fab choice if you are pressed for time. Make sure that the bottom fabric is not too sheer and that the costume title avoids the term “sexy” in the title.
  2. Anything Zombie or Dead: Your old prom dress, wedding dress or even your most flattering outfit can easily be turned into a ghoulish outfit just by adding a jet black wig, some light face make up, blue eyes shadow to add some bags under your eyes and fake blood. All the makeup can be purchased for around $10 and you will be able to easily carry off the look of the dead knowing that your body is dressed to it’s best.
  3. Cute Critter: Channelling your favorite type of critter is easy on Halloween as all you need to do is purchase some cute animal ears and pair it with a great animal print wrap dress. All curvy gals know that wrap dresses are one of the best basic elements for dressing our curves but when donning animal print it is important to know the do’s and don’ts of the process.
  4. Cowgirl: Any excuse to buy a new pair of jeans should be fully embraced and any of the bootleg offerings from Lucky Brand Jean’s Sweet-n-Low collection will do the trick. My favorite are the Shelby Jeans. Just combine the denim with a Cowboy hat, fitted button down and boots (the more distressed the better) and you will be saying yippee-ya-yeah in no time.
  5. Bride of Frankenstein: A long flowing dress of any color is already probably in your wardrobe, you just need to get a good wig and some white face make up and voila! Bride of Frankenstein Wig $24.99
  6. Vampire: Blood sucking vixens are always in style, that is because they are always stylish in basic black. Whether you want to couple your fangs and blood with a black outfit already in your closet or treat yourself to a new “little black dress” just for the heck of it, you can ensure that you find an outfit that flatters your curves. One such option that can serve double duty is this great jersey v-neck dress from Micheal Stars ($120). The flowing Victorian Bell sleeves will add a hint of goth appeal, while the overall shape will let your hips move freely while highlight your decolletage. Michael Stars black jersey v-neck 'Victoria' bell sleeve dress $120: Blue Fly
  7. Disco Diva- The bell bottoms of the 70’s were a great find for balancing out the bottom of a pear shaped woman and all you need to do is go to a thrift sure where plenty of options suitable of a costume can be yours for just a couple of bucks.
  8. Pirate Wench: When Pirates ruled the world and women were wenches, corsets were the haute fashion choice and by adding this accouterment to your ensemble over a flowing black skirt, white t-shirt, head scarf, eye patch and hoop earrings, your waist will get the cinch needed to highlight your curves.
  9. Fairy Princess: If you spent hours previously shopping for your prom or wedding dress, then you have a perfect fitting garment for your shape just hanging in your closet. Just combine the flattering garment you already own with wings (that can be bought for as little at $1 at your local dollar store) and a wand and voila! If you don’t have either of those garments floating around, just put on your favorite cocktail dress and you will be good to go. Don’t forget the body and face glitter!
  10. Naughty Librarian or School Girl : To make these costumes work, do not buy a pre fab “sexy” combo as it will be anything but that. But by raiding your own closet or even those of your closest pear-shaped friend, you can easily come up with some affordable options perfect for your figure.

The key to having fun while in costume is to ensure that you feel comfortable in the amount of skin you show plus the theme you have chosen. That is why incorporating the clothing you would normally wear is your best option. Have a great holiday and feel free to let me know what spooky look you sported.

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Those in the know, know that is one of they best websites for getting deals on designer and luxury duds. They are now having a clearance sale to get rid of tons of overstocked merchandise and are offering consumers up to 75% off some of their goodies.

I’ve taken a gander at the offerings that would work for my the sisterhood of the traveling hips and selected this gem (75% off) for pear shapely lasses, the  T-Bags ruched sleeved dress for a low $54.99:

T-Bags Dress:

The slightly enlarged sleeves would help balance out our bottom curves and the V-neck would also help to bring the attention of the viewers eye upward. To further draw the eye upwards and away from the larger him region, the dress should be lovingly complimented by the Gold Triple Strand Necklace $48:

Gold Triple Strand $48: Hurricane by Jane L.L.C.

There is a slew of handbags, shoes, pants, skirts and everything else on sale and the discounts range from 30%-75%. However, ultimately it is up to you to roll up your sleeves and start digging for treasures on your own.

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Dressing For Your Body Shape: Animal Prints

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Time and time again, women need to be reminded to dress for their body shape and to work with their strengths, not against them. With that in mind:

Pear Shapely Don't

This is a clear cut example of what not to wear if you want to make the most of your pear body shape. Although the original fabric designer probably thought that the tiger print was “crazy enough it just might work” they were dead wrong.

It is not to say that women looking to highlight their pear body shape cannot wear animal prints, as they can, and trust me I do! However there is a way to do it in style. One example is a great fitting wrap dress like this gorgeous option ($325) from the innovator of the style, Diane von Furstenberg:

Diane von Furstenberg Vintage Wrap Dress $325

Believe it or not, both these items have some similar characteristics. The both feature bold colored animal prints, both were designed to hug curves and since the tiger stripe pants has a full zipper going from the front to the back, both items provide easy access to the danger zone.  However only one of them will make you feel like a pretty woman, and the other will increase your chances of catching crabs from a nasty one night stand. Any guesses which is which?

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Hot Rockabilly Style

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Mod Cloth has added another affordable and adorable dress perfect for curvy girls. For less then $45 you can own this luscious beauty:

Soda Fountain Dress in Grape: Mod Cloth

The garment also comes in basic black and a vibrant yellow. Purple is always a favorite for me, the cut can be worn either to capture a rock-a-billy look or be a bit more contemporary especially when paired with the Lucky Charms Necklace in Sterling Silver ($94)and the Dream Drop Earrings ($29) by Hurricane by Jane.

Lucky Charms Necklace in Sterling Silver: Hurricane by Jane Jewelry

Dream Drop Earrings: Hurricane by Jane

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Hot Rockabilly Style

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Let’s face it some dresses and skirts are just not flattering for pear shaped women. After a point, baby-doll dresses make you look like a deranged Betty Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”, ruffled skirts just add more layers to the already amply stocked zone and bubble skirts are just a cruel invention for those striving to make the most out of their figures.

However, hinged directly into the curvy style icon’s of yester-year is Rockabilly fashion. Originally designed when women were women and men sported “duck-asses” the trend is easily doable with this lovely frock from ETSY designer Jack’s Daughters Shop.

Pear Shapely Rockabilly Style

Officially called the 1950s ROCKABILLY WIGGLE Dress. 60s Retro BLACK and WHITE with 50s styling. Sure it is fitted, but the color contrast of the white on top with the slimming black on bottom will provide the perfect optical illusion for slimming the hips and balancing your curves.

A simple flower clip holding back your hair on one side such as this one from XOXO Design’s Shop would do quite nicely:

White Silk Flower Hair Clip: XOXO Design's Shop

The dress accented by the flower makes a bold and fun statement, so the rest of the accessories should be minimal but should of course include the best selling piece from my collection the Hurricane by Jane Silver Triple Strand (also available in Gold Filled) would be the icing on this delicious fashion cake:

Silver Triple Strand Necklace

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Perfect Holiday Ensemble

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Little Black Dress: Audrey and Grace

Pear shape women like myself are always struggling to find the Little Black Dress or “LBJ” of their dreams. As a curvy gal, I’ve often struggled to find a perfectly cut frock for my figure. Well check out a winner courtesy of Etsy Designer Audrey and Grace.

$200 will get you a custom structured piece highlighting your best “assets” while the a-line skirt will accommodate the rest. Accessorizing with some pieces from Hurricane By Jane Jewelry would complete the look.

My recommendations to put a contemporary spin on a classic dress are the sterling silver, gold filled and Swarovski Fireball Enhanced Constellation Earrings :

Constellation Earrings- Hurricane By jane

($57) combined with the Boogie Nights Sterling and Fireball Embellished Necklace ($99 ):


They are the dynamic duo of styling accessories, especially designed for the Holiday Season! If you are interested customer wanting to buy the complete set including both “pieces” at the same time I will take 10% off of the total sales price and add free shipping (continental U.S.) for the total cost of $140, no additionally fees apply. Just shoot me an email directly at and we can take care of your order via PayPal.

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