How To Enjoy a Cash Free Holiday

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Black Friday Shopping Chaos

For great tips on celebrating the holidays on a budget make sure to visit


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Holiday Season 2009: Let the Games Begin!

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Hello Pear Shapely readers! I hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving filled with good times, food and much merriment. My holiday was fantastic until I developed a serious tooth problem which will be addressed professionally today. Until my 3pm appointment I am just trying to muffle the pain by remaining as comfortable as possible, floating on a cloud of prescription medication and looking at happy pictures of unicorns:

So knowing I am not 100% with it, today is a perfect time for me to provide a small rant about the 2009 Holiday season. Today’s topic of choice, holiday shopping.

If you are reading this posting, you have luckily survived “Black Friday.” Personally, I consider the bedlam of that shopping day for “amateurs” and should be avoided at all costs. If you are a smart consumer, you can get great discounts any time of year, no chaos required. This year the media fueled the frenzy for bargain shopping by providing “helpful tips” on how to best take advantage of the deals. One such tip was to act quickly as supplies were limited which did nothing but trigger the panic button in the masses. It was that kind of advice that led to a slew of retailer mishaps across the nation. Consumerist compiled a list of some of the messier events called “Black Friday Shopping Mayhem” which are  brief encapsulation of various shopping stampedes across the nation.

Today is known as the now infamous “Cyber Monday.” Luckily this ridiculousness can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home computer and couch. The great thing about this most holy of shopping days is that at least consumers have the luxury of comparative shopping with relative ease. However, with this fine shopping scenario, you need some tips on how to How to Shop Online Safely and Wisebread can help you with that.

But dear friends, you do not need to get sucked into this abyss at all, seriously. For those who say it is for “the children” it really is not. It is about your need to take part in the annual tradition of consumerism and bolstering the economy. Unless you are shopping for the spawn of the devil, kids are sweet and innocent and will truly appreciate a cute stuffed animal, a fun board game or most importantly, your time.

I’m just trying to talk you down the ledge of Holiday stress, that we all teetered on at one time or another. I recently wrote an article for which provide realistic and simple tips for How to Save on Your Holiday Shopping. Plus this sage advice will help you minimize holiday stress.

Okay, the magic unicorns are now beginning to kick in the side of my face again so I must go rest and keep still until I visit the dentist. Have a great day.


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November Jewelry Giveaway: Etsy Jewelry and Design Shops

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The Etsy Jewelry Design and Supply Shops team members bring you November Jewelry Giveaway:

November Jewelry Giveaway

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to win great handmade prizes. Click on the Picture to enter today.

All prizes in this giveaway are from a member of the independent, handmade community
(i.e. the artisan sells their own work; no corporate stuff please)

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Discount Shopping Tip:

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Before merchandise hits outlet stores or major discount chains such as Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Daffy’s and the like, sample sales are a tool used by fashion insiders to help move the overstock.

For several years I was a sample sale producer for a luxury, fashion retail website based in New York. Several times a year I would contact the reps for the lines we carried and arrange a sales extravaganza in various warehouse spaces in lower Manhattan. Although producing these events were extremely stressful and tiring, some of my best fashion finds were the fruit of my labor.

This trip down memory lane actually has a point. To score major discounts on designer goods, sample sales need to be part of your routine. One of a kind items, color blocks that were never put into production or top quality merchandise that became overstock because of a cancelled order can be yours and can help you find some offerings.

At the time (around 6 years ago) my advertising budget always included an expenditure for as the site as a devoted subscriber base that always turned up in force for our sales. Things have changed since their humble beginnings however they still are a great resource for committed discount shoppers.

As long as you know what you are looking for, stick to your budget and stick to the styling tips provided by Pear Shapely you too can master the art of discount shopping. Whether you decide to purchase online or are lucky enough to live in an area like N.Y. or L.A. where sample sales are the norm, there are ways to get your savings on and I am dedicated to helping you.

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Hula Hooping for Pear Shaped Women

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Hula Hoop Fail

One of the best features for Pear Shapely figures is our all around curves, thanks to our little waists. One of the best ways to define the feature and get an awesome workout is through hula-hooping. Using a hula-hoop provides an aerobic work-out that burns up to 200 calories per a twenty minute workout while challenging the core muscles, hips thighs and butt. There is no better workout that compliments our pear shaped body. The cost of the activity ranges from about $5 for a real hula hoop to hundreds of dollars in the Wii game system fitness package.

Hoops have been a popular form of exercise since times in ancient Greece. During the 14th century hooping became one of the favorite pastimes of Great Britian children. Hula-hooping gained popularity in the 1950’s and at that time, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. In 1958 Wham-O sold over 100 million devices in their first year of distribution and since that time there have been additional highs and lows for the trend.

Since Michelle Obama twisted her lovely pear shaped figure in yesterday’s White House event, the style icon is going to ensure that the activity will once again gain speed.

Michelle Obama Hula Hooping

Regardless of your political viewpoints, everyone can agree that Michelle Obama is in excellent physical shape and really knows how to work hear pear shaped figure. With a little practice and dedication most anyone can twist their hips to keep the momentum of a hoop going. Challenging yourself to learn the new skill of hula hooping will burn calories, help you tone up and maybe even help you channel your inner child.

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October Jewelry Giveaway: The Etsy Jewelry Design and Supply Shops

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The Etsy Jewelry Design and Supply Shops team members bring you October Jewelry Giveaway

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to win great handmade prizes. Click on the Picture to enter today.

All prizes in this giveaway are from a member of the independent, handmade community
(i.e. the artisan sells their own work; no corporate stuff please)

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New Laws for Bloggers

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Hello my fellow bloggers. Regardless of your figure or gender, new laws will go in affect on December 1 requiring you to let your readers know whether or not you accept payment for your product reviews. The Federal Trade Commission is making the change that will mandate that bloggers need to share the terms of their corporate relationships regarding payment for review or suffer penalties of up to $11,000. For the full story please visit Yahoo Finance.

As it clearly states in the “About Me” section for the Pear Shapely blog, my number one goal is to generate traffic and interest in my handmade, contemporary jewelry line, Hurricane by Jane L.L.C. My selections are all based on “pear” related finds and not a dime is received from anyone regarding any of my opinions or postings.

Happy Monday all!

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