Pear Shapely Tips: How to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

November 23, 2009 at 11:21 am (Just Because) (, , )

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday as a luxurious day of eating, drinking and general over indulgence is the way I truly like to roll. Since my family’s celebration starts at 2pm and continues throughout the evening, moderation is the key to longevity.

Sure, I plan on stuffing my face but my goal is to avoid feeling sick from enjoying too much of a good thing. Plus, I don’t want to eat so much that I begin the journey towards holiday weight gain and adding any more pounds to my already shapely rump. By minding the balance of food, fun and moderation and by following these tips I will keep my pear figure shapely.

  • Know when dinner is served- Some people can go all day without eating, I am not one of those people. My feast is beginning at four, which allows me to plan ahead and balance my intake during the rest of the day.
  • Eat Breakfast and Lunch- I’m not talking about putting on the feedbag, but eating two small balanced meals featuring protein and fiber. Think 1 fried egg and a piece of whole wheat toast in the morning and a portion controlled low calorie frozen meal for lunch. This move will not only keep the calories in check but will help you control your grazing if upon your arrival the meal is still hours away
  • Avoid Turkey-I know it is blasphemous to even suggest this as for most people as the bird is the guest of honor. But everyone knows that turkeys contain tryptophan, which will make you feel sleepy, sluggish and even overly full after the fact. If you have to go for the bird, select only white meat and skip the skin to make the healthiest food choice.
  • Walk it Off- Before a day of feasting, take a walk outside for at least 30 minutes. The movement will help boost your metabolism for the day and provide you with a much needed edge.
  • Drink Water- Instead of wasting calories on sugary soft drinks or highly caloric alcoholic beverages, make water your number one drink choice for the day. You will not only stave off hunger but will ensure your body is properly hydrated.
  • Choose a Lane-I’ve heard many stories about blurry Thanksgiving memories caused by an overindulgence in booze. When too much alcohol is consumed, logic goes out the window and overeating (and blackouts) can be a side effect. My advice, choose one low calorie beverage such as prosecco, clear liquors with a low calorie mixer, light beer or wine and know your limit. By choosing only one type of alcoholic beverage to enjoy and drinking tons of water, you will be able to imbibe gracefully.
  • Skip Seconds- Make sure your only serving is loaded with green vegetables, lean proteins and high fiber foods and make sure to keep your side dishes portions in check. Then enjoy every tasty morsel of your meal and stop there. Don’t forget, chances are you will get another crack at the meal in the form of leftovers. Plus there will be pie or some other amazing delicacy for dessert and calories will be required for that indulgence.
  • Wear a Waistband- Flowing dresses and stretch leggings are sure to look darling, but ultra comfortable clothing may allow you to stuff in more food then intended. With a waistband lying on your abdomen, you will be reminded to stay in check.
  • Enjoy- So what if you decide to ignore all this advice and do what your want. Just make sure Thanksgiving is only one day of overeating and healthier choices follow throughout the holiday season.

Are there any tips you have learned about keeping your holiday dining habits in check? If so, please feel free to share your comments on how you plan on keeping your pear shaped figure in tip-top form the 2009 holiday season.


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