Pear Shaped Don’ts, Harem Pants

November 17, 2009 at 10:40 am (Pear Shapely Nevers) (, , , )

As some one who lived through the 80’s I have some memories. Some are fond, some are blurry and many of them are tainted with the recollection of really bad fashion. Mullets, frosted hair, acid wash, stirrup pants and enormous shoulder pads all evolved during this time period and with the “power of Greyskull” that is where it all should stay.

Unfortunately, one of these trends just won’t die are harem pants. The diaper like garment are being touted by many fashion magazines as the hot trend (for shame Lucky Mag). However, us common folk most likely associate this look with M.C. Hammer:

Even though his third album pleaded to the rap master “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” this shapeless pant craze did exactly that. The Hammer was smart with his style choices. He picked up on a pant style that dated back to the 16th century and made it his own and the end result was brilliant marketing.

However if you are a pear shaped woman looking to put your mark on the harem pants movement, the simple answer is DON’T. The extra draping of the fabric will just add unwanted visual inches onto your lower torso plus it will always look like you are carrying an extra load of something.

Even gorgeous tennis pro Maria Sharapova had trouble pulling off this look and if anyone could look hot in a white, swaddle inspired style it is this vixen:

Even her lithe figure looks pear shaped sporting this craptastic style.


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  1. Guest said,

    Harem Pants is still hot. They are here to stay and I love them! You don’t need to follow fashion to see this trend. I’m also convinced they are here to stay because they are so insanely comfy. Specialy the very voluminous with extremely low crotch. Now they also come in many shapes, sizes, material, and also for men. Big girls can wear harem pants too. Harem pants need much volym and crotch below the knee to look really good.

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