Pear Shapely Loves Loehmann’s

November 9, 2009 at 10:52 am (Hurricane by Jane on the Web) (, , )

As a native New Yorker, one of the hardest parts of relocating to the West Coast was leaving behind some of my favorite things. Included in this list are my friends and family, pizza by the slice and some of the greatest discount shopping out there . The latter came courtesy of one of my regular haunts, Loehmann’s.

Although I still miss my peeps desperately, the other voids have been filled by new options and the glamour Loehmann’s near the Beverly Center and the fairly new location in Burbank. Today is a very special day for this devoted discount shopper as  I was lucky enough to find out that my love affair with Loehmann’s is not one sided. The geniuses there were smart enough to select Pear Shapely as a featured site in their “blogroll” section.

Thank you Loehmann’s for helping to feed my obsession for designer fashion at affordable prices from coast to coast. Most importantly, thank you Loehmann’s for thinking that Pear Shapely is worthy enough to share with your devoted clientele.



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