Pear Shaped Figure Traits

October 17, 2009 at 11:27 am (Just Because) (, )

Pear- Yummy!

Take a good look in the mirror. Do you have:

  • Narrow shoulders that may tend to slope a bit?
  • A slender back?
  • A bust line that is small or medium?
  • Fuller hips and buttocks?
  • Meaty calves and thighs?
  • A small, slender waist?
  • A neck that is nearly swanlike in quality?

If you answered affirmative to these questions, then you my friend are what I consider to be a lovely and luscious Pear Shapely gal.  This blog is dedicated to proving answers to all the fashion and style question you may have regarding how to best drape your shape. Enjoy!

A long or slender neck
Sloping or narrow shoulders
Narrow back
Small to medium bust
Defined waist
Curvy hips and backside
Full thighs and calves

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