Friday Finds: Pear Shaped Cookie Jars

October 16, 2009 at 7:44 am (Friday Finds) (, , , , )

There are several traits my family members and I share:

  • An off-kilter sense of humor
  • Talent
  • Strong Opinions
  • Pear shaped figures (excluding my brother who is virtually assless at this point)

In honor of my brethren, let me introduce you all to my lifestyle inspiration, a Pear Shapely lass and an amazing potter, Jill, AKA Earthgirl. For years my elder sister has been using her tiny little hands (as she is a petite flower) to make large artistic statements including these amazing pear shaped cookie jars:

Pear Cookie Jars: Earthgirl Pottery

Not only is she truly a gifted artists, but a hell of a gal! If you are interested in purchasing these items or any other of the hundreds of other bowls, plates, mugs or piggy banks she makes just check out her website and  shoot her an email at


1 Comment

  1. jill wiener said,

    thanks sis!

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