Best Hat for Curly Hair

October 8, 2009 at 10:32 am (Just Because) (, , , , , )

Aside from being Pear Shapely, I also sport a head-full of curls. It took me years to master how to make my locks rock and now I can do so with ease. One of the items essential to keeping the spring in my curls was finding a great winter hat composed of organic material that would not give me hat head and thanks to designer Anna Kula I have several options in my wardrobe.

Her newsboy caps ($165) are handmade of fine merino wool are the perfect curly-head topper:

Newsboy Hat: Anna Kula

Curly-cues just need to stack their hair loosely under the chapeau and the rim of the hat will sit along your hairline ensuring that you crowing glory is breathing and moving freely underneath thus avoiding the dreaded “hat head.” The brim of the hat will shield your eye from the glaring sun, the wool will keep the warmth in and with the range of colors, you are sure to find your perfect shade.


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