Pear Shaped Body Info

October 6, 2009 at 9:03 am (Media Sources) (, , )

Everything in life is a series of exchanges and it is extremely hard to have everything at any given time. Once such exchange is naturally hinged on your body type. Apple shapes tend to have fantastic legs and carry their weight above the hips. Sure they may look great in mini skirts and can fill out blouses really well, but those with that type of figure are at greater risk for many diseases.

On the other hand, as a pear shapely lady, we  know that all our weight goes to our bottom and that we have to work really hard to maintain average legs. The plus side is we are naturally blessed with shapely curves and genetically we do not have health problems directly associated with our shape.

This article promoting “Apples and Pears-Body-Shape Weight Loss Made Easy” is not being posted  to suggest that you or I do not look just stunning just the way we are and it was written to promote a weight-loss book. However, the section that starts with “Here’s the quick scoop for your convenience” does provide some information worth reading.


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