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October 6, 2009 at 1:13 pm (Just Because, Media Sources) (, , , )

The recession has become an interesting time period especially for those seeking to switch careers and market themselves as artisans. I’m not knocking the trend as I am a full support of it in the form of my jewelry collection, Hurricane by Jane L.L.C.

Like thousands of others, I have opted to list my products on ETSY, the site that features everything “handmade.”During my year on the site, I have seen plenty of great items listed on the site and only on occasion have I discovered things that have made me shudder in fear and break out in laughter.  Now, thanks to the search for frightening objects d’art and style have been compiled into one stop shopping at this irreverent web space.

Style is subjective, but bad taste is always out of fashion. Some truly repugnant items include:

Corn Poo Soap on a Rope, a bargain at $5:

Corn Poo Soap on a Rope

Fish in a Squirrel Suit Taxitermy a lux find at $350:

Fish Squirrel Taxidermy only has four pages of postings at this point, but I see a huge future for this website. Honestly, this posting has nothing to do with “Pear Shapely” ladies, except it made this one want to share the insanity with others.

My only hope is that they keep on keeping on and that none of my work ends up sandwiched between a “Catnip Fetus Toy in Pink” and a “Pokeman Menstrual Pad.”



  1. Angel Smith said,

    They are ripping off Hence, they suck, in my opinion. I’m sure most Etsy artists would feel similarly if someone was stealing their ideas and recreating everything they put in their shop.

    • pearshapely said,

      This I did not know, and originality is the key of an artistic venture good or bad. Thanks for letting me know about, I now have another way of getting my daily chuckles.

  2. SoapyHo said,

    Thank you for showing my Corn Poo Soap!! *lol*

  3. pearshapely said,

    You are so welcome. It totally cracked me up and is worthy of exposure!

  4. frida said,

    hey you never know getting sandwiched between catnip fetuses and pokeman menstrual pads might get you some nice sales lol their stores don’t really look like they are suffering lol

    • pearshapely said,

      You know, you are right. As with most artists, I can use all the exposure I can get!

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